MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man accused of using a cinder block to attack a couple visiting the area before stabbing a good samaritan to death was set to appear in court Wednesday morning.

However, Antwon Freeman, the man who is facing murder and aggravated assault charges, was a no-show.

Rossville, Tennessee is the type of town where no one is a stranger. For Robert Heimbach, it came as no surprise when his neighbor since 2020 Phillip Godwin stepped in to help a couple visiting the Edge District in Memphis following an unprovoked attack on Monday.

Investigators say a cinder block was used during the attack.

Godwin was trying to keep track of Antwon Freeman until police arrived.

Detectives said Freeman took his rampage even further when he allegedly stabbed Godwin to death inside a vacant building.

Freeman is no stranger to law enforcement with a criminal history dating back to 2015.

Despite being jailed for murder and aggravated assault, Antwon Freeman was a no-show in court. His newly-retained lawyer Blake Ballin explained why Wednesday’s arraignment was pushed back.

“One because it’s a pretty routine part of the process. Number two, Mr. Freeman apparently has some injuries that he is having to be tended to,” Ballin said.

He said his client is not in the hospital but is wheelchair-bound. The defense attorney stopped shy of saying if Freeman plans to claim self-defense.

“You still are entitled to defend yourself if you are in fear of death or serious bodily injury so I don’t know the details of what happened yet. We were just hired but there is a lot to dig into,” Ballin said.

Freeman’s case was reset to Friday.