MEMPHIS, Tenn.— St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis has committed to a multibillion-dollar investment to fight childhood cancers.

St. Jude announced Wednesday that after an expansion, their total expenditure will be $12.9 billion by 2027.

“I think it’s a critical element in us making progress against pediatric catastrophic diseases,” said Dr. James Downing, President and CEO of St. Jude.

This is St. Jude’s largest strategic expansion in its 60-year history.

These additional investments in science could aid St. Jude in accelerating progress on fundamental research on incurable cancers, Downing said.

Eighty percent of children that are diagnosed with cancer will be cured, but one in five will die. Downing does not believe much progress has been made.

“St. Jude just reminded the world that Memphis serves as a catalyst when it comes to a global force for good” said Ted Townsend, Chief Economic Development Officer of the Greater Memphis Chamber.

With more investments, the number of jobs on St. Jude’s campus will increase by 2,300.

St. Jude took on children from the Ukraine after they were evacuated from their home.

“We’ve all seen the impact of that Safer Ukraine and working with the world to get those children out of Ukraine and out of that warzone” Downing said.

St. Jude leaders have said that groundbreaking on many of the projects could begin soon.

“Our footprint is global, but our home is Memphis, Tennessee,” Downing said, “and we are all proud to be Memphians and to live in this community”