MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Police say four people who may have been living in a condemned house for up to a year were arrested Wednesday after officers found two stolen vans in the driveway.

Police said George Bargery, Courtney Bargery, Bradley Eckert, and Shaneka Turner were all inside the boarded up house on Shannon Avenue that was raided on Wednesday.

Neighbors’ cameras captured the tow trucks brought in to remove two work vehicles reported stolen on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Police at house on Shannon Avenue Wednesday

In one video taken before police arrived, you can see one of the white Chevy vans pull out of the driveway of the vacant house. Police said the North Memphis house was condemned and boarded up by the city.

One neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said they knew people had been living on the property for months and believed it was a drug house.

“The young guy was selling drugs in front of my door, and I said, excuse me, I know you are not in front of my house selling drugs,” the neighbor said.

The four arrested are not facing any drug charges but are accused of stealing the vehicles and utilities.

An MLGW loss prevention investigator said someone had used a wire to tamper with the meter to turn on the power. MLGW estimates the theft of services at around $300.00.

George Bargergy, Courtney Bargery, Eckert, and Turner are charged with theft of property, one count of services, and criminal trespass.

They are scheduled to appear in court on Friday.