MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The potential for more stormy weather is especially concerning for a family in Orange Mound as a tree is split and close to falling on a family’s house for the second time.

The family called WREG after being frustrated trying to get the property management company they rent from to remove the tree. The frustration for Anthony Bowens and his family started the night of Dec. 10 when strong winds broke large limbs off of a tree at his rental home on Spottswood Avenue.

Car damage due to a tree fall

“Me and my wife was at home,” Bowens said. “She woke me up and told me the winds blowing and she head a lot of noise outside. When we woke up and went outside after it was all over with, we found the tree fell on top of the car.”

The partially crushed Toyota is just the beginning of his problems. Bowens, who rents from Revid Realty and Property Management, said things got worse when more of the same tree came crashing down 18 days later.

This time, the tree landed on his roof.

“That’s the second time that this tree fell,” Bowens said. “It’s getting ready to fall again.”

He believes that because a split in the tree trunk can clearly be seen and even bigger limbs seem to be holding on by nothing more than bark. Power lines are also dangling on tree limbs.

“We are already looking at wires right now that have already been pulled from the house,” Bowens said.

He is concerned another round of strong storms will bring certainly disaster.

“When the next part of this tree falls, it’s gonna kill somebody,” Bowens said. “We have family in the house right now. We’re taking a chance.”

He insists he’s not getting any answers from Revid Management about when they will remove the tree and fix the damage. We were with Bowens Friday when he tried again to make contact. The call went to voicemail, and Bowens left a message.

WREG also left messages and went by Revid’s office in Midtown, but the door was locked and no one appeared to be inside.

Bowens said MLGW advised them to have the power disconnected. They made repairs to resolve the outage on Dec. 11.