MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As temperatures remain high and a heat advisory lingers, all of us are looking for ways to keep our families cool and entertained in these scorching temps. 

Some splash pads are ready to welcome families, for free.

Under a scorching sun this Tuesday afternoon, a few families enjoy the splash pad at Shelby Farms Park. We’re told sessions to enjoy a cool-down start at noon and last an hour.

Capacity is limited and admission is on a first come, first serve basis. 

But across town in David Carnes Park in Whitehaven, we saw the splash zone there wide open when we stopped by around noon.

A few miles away at Crosstown Concourse, six-year-old Ashton splashes in fountains and enjoys relief from the heat. 

Watching him have fun, his grandmother Lizzie Johnson-Humphrey sits in the shade.

“It is very nice. No money involved, just coming out here and enjoying the day with your children,” Johnson-Humphrey said.

She has a positive perspective on the weather. 

“It’s humid but because every now and then Mother Nature throws in a little wind and the fan is going, it’s really nice,” Johnson-Humphrey said.

She encourages families to take advantage of the free resources in neighborhoods. She said it’s a great way to keep children engaged. 

“[It’s] Something for them to do,” Johnson-Humphrey said. “And then it’s the perfect place to come get a sandwich or bring a sandwich!”

And while doctors tell us to make sure we check on the elderly and vulnerable during these advisories, Doctors say keeping tabs on your children who might be playing outside all day is just as important.

“Make sure you’re children are staying hydrated as well. Make sure they’re getting plenty of fluids, coming in, getting out of the heat, so they can cool off.”

We did the work for you and we checked around for splash pads across the greater Memphis area and combined a list for your convenience.