MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Serenity Towers was back in court on Tuesday morning along with a special master who was put in place to assist the court in investigating certain claims.

The special master, Marcus Ward, pointed out new problems with the complex that houses elderly tenants, including the additional ongoing problems with the elevators that remain inoperable, broken windows, no air conditioning, no hot water, and fire violations.

“Human waste in common areas. And that’s something that is totally unacceptable in any dwelling of any kind,” Ward said.

When WREG asked the new attorney, Alex Elder, about the issues, he said, “You’ll have to contact the company. I represent them they are my client.”

During court, it was also announced that the Memphis Fire Department had to carry down a resident during an emergency call because there were no working elevators in one of the towers.

The counsel told Judge Dandridge that the payment issues are being resolved and all four elevators should be up and running in a matter of days.

“It’s great news on your report that the elevators will be working by the end of the week,” Judge Dandridge said. “Now of course there is a history.”

“This stuff has been happening way before now and it’s just done got out of hand and they still act like they don’t care,” said Brenda Larderdale, Memphis resident who has friends living at Serenity Towers.

The special master said he plans to have a sit-down this week with everyone connected to the complex. The next court date is scheduled for October 31.