MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The owner of a Cordova spa says she is still rattled weeks after a disgruntled former employee maced and assaulted several employees inside the business.

Christina Mobley with Bow Tie Massage said she was forced to call police after Kaesey Collins, 25, began attacking her and the other workers.

“I didn’t come to work for two days. It was awful,” said Mobley

According to a Memphis police, Collins came to Bow Tie Massage to pick up her final paycheck and her massage therapist license on March 11.

They said Collins stepped behind a counter and tried to grab the items, and that is when a fight broke out between Collins and at least four other women.

Mobley said she told Collins she would need to turn in her uniforms before she handed over the paycheck. She said Collins told her she didn’t have them with her and got behind the counter.

She said Collins threw the first punch, ripped hair out of her head, and maced everyone.

“I knew it was going to be a problem,” said Mobley. “She had threatened bodily harm before.”

Officers said when they got there, Mobley was complaining about an injury to her finger, and another worker said Collins hit her in the face and showed them a bruise on her arm.

They said Collins also threw a purse at Mobley, knocked another employee to the ground, threatened to kill the women, and damaged two rope stands and a hand sanitizing station outside.

“I know the police reporter has me listed as the suspect and my attackers as the victims,” said Collins.

Collins contacted WREG my email and said she was the one who was attacked at Bow Tiet. She said she pulled out her pepper spray to defend herself.

“You can see in the video that there is no aggression from me at all,” said Collins. “After the altercation, I threw a purse, I will say that, but that was the most violent I got.”

Mobley said the video showed just the opposite and was turned over to the District Attorney’s Office by police.

Mobley said the DA’s office decided not to prosecute but suggested she take civil action and file a restraining order.

Collins said she hasn’t been able to work since the incident.

“I’m still trying to recover mentally,” said Collins.

Mobley said three of her employees who were maced have asthma and had to be treated at the hospital. She said she’s disappointed Collins wasn’t charged.

“I’m upset my employees were assaulted, and now they don’t feel safe,” Mobley said.

Mobley said she plans to sue Collins.

WREG wanted to get a look at the surveillance video, but it is still in the possession of the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office.