MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Smash-and-grab burglars are at it again at the City Gear store in South Memphis.

Stacks of rubble and crime scene tape line the City Gear store on South Third Street as crews work brick by brick on a gaping hole in the building, the remnants of three break-ins in less than a week.

Last Thursday, $7,000 in Jordans and $3,000 in clothes were stolen from that location. Then around 4 a.m. Monday, four cars backed into the building and destroyed a wall before thieves got away with merchandise.

A few hours later, as a crew worked to fix the building in broad daylight, about five cars pulled up, and masked thieves jumped out of the cars, ran inside, and stole merchandise.

This is not the first time a City Gear store in Memphis has been targeted.

Last month, smash-and-grab robbers hit the store on American Way in Parkway Village. Before that, in March, thieves got away with more than $5,000 in merchandise at the same location.

After the March break-in, the district manager, Mike Montgomery, told us something had to change.

“I don’t really see our stores shutting down, but we do have to do some better at trying to keep the merchandise inside the stores,” he said.