MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Over the next two weeks, drivers will notice an increased presence from law enforcement on roadways across state.

A new statewide campaign called Slow Down Tennessee aims to crack down on reckless driving on the roadways. This initiative is being put on by the Tennessee Highway Safety Office, who is partnering with agencies across the volunteer state.

Data from the state shows that from 2020 to 2022, there were more than 28,000 traffic crashes in Tennessee related to speeding and reckless driving. In Shelby County, 262 people were killed in accidents last year.

Those are numbers that Karla Lipford with Tennessee Highway Safety Office hopes serves as wake-up call to the community.

“We are asking our law enforcement partners to have more high visibility enforcement these next two weeks, just to be out there concentrating on our drivers and motorist that is out here speeding,” Lipford said. “We’re trying to get our citizens just to take heed to these things. Just put your phones down when your driving. Do not go above the speed limit, just drive the speed limit.”

The number of fatal accidents year-to-date has increased by nearly 34 percent compared to last year. At least 83 people have died, which Lipford believes underscores the need for initiatives like slow down Tennessee.

“The life that you save may just be your own and then especially if it’s not just your own life that you’re saving, think about your family member. Would you want a trooper or officer deputy coming to your door,” she said.

Slow down Tennessee runs from April 15th until April 29th. THSO says they will likely bring it back in the future.