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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG)– A Memphis man was taken to the hospital at the end of May after detectives say he was beaten and robbed in Frayser. Even the victim’s clothes were taken, leaving him in his boxers.

Police say a man was stripped of his phone, money, and clothes on Frayser Boulevard. Adding insult to injury, the victim knew two of the alleged attackers.

One of them was the victim’s ex-girlfriend, Markita Freeman. But police say her own sister, Martrecia Freeman, also played a part.

Markita is behind bars, while Martrecia was released on bond.

Detectives say what started as a verbal attack took a violent turn. The victim was later captured on surveillance cameras, in his boxers, desperate for help.

He was badly injured after his alleged attackers “assaulted him with kicks, punches and a tire iron.”

Martrecia posted a $35,000 bond. Markita is set to face a judge Wednesday.