MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Bailey Rose is ready to start school and just like many other kids across the state, she is getting all of the necessary vaccines and checkups she will need to attend.

“I want to go to kindergarten right now,” she said.

From now through the beginning of the school year, Christ Community Health Services is hosting back-to-school immunization fairs to help students get their updated vaccinations for free.

“All of the required vaccines that the children need to start back to school that they require, we are offering those, physicals, along with the COVID vaccines,” Gwen Reese said.

Reese, director of Nursing Christ Community Health Services, also said they have other resources.

“We have pediatricians on staff, nutritionists, social workers, and behavioral health,” she said. “So we are here to help those families be prepared for a successful school year.”

The fair was held at East High School Saturday. The facility will be holding vaccination fairs at different locations through August.

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Sight supervisor Lashonna Payne said this can be beneficial to many parents.

“That’s one thing at Christ Community that we try to do is serve those who don’t have those resources,” Payne said. “We have a lot of parents that come in and are excited that we are here because we have many sights, but sometimes they come in and they are overbooked.”

Not only are they offering free vaccinations, but they are also offering free physicals for students who will be participating in sports.

“Before any sports, I think they should come in and have a complete work up,” Payne said.

Christ Community Health Services have nine more vaccination dates available. However, you must book an appointment before you go.

Call (901)-842-2379 or text SCS901 to 91999 to schedule your appointment.