MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is in critical condition after a shooting on the interstate in Memphis on Wednesday.

According to Memphis Police, at 10:57 a.m., officers responded to a shooting in the 5000 block of Poplar Avenue. The victim stated he was shot while on Highway 385 near Interstate 240.

According to Memphis Police, the victim pulled off the interstate onto Poplar, by the parking lot of Houston’s restaurant to call for help. 

He was then taken to Regional One Hospital in critical condition.

“Memphis is hands down the most dangerous place I’ve ever seen,” said Ben Katz, who has lived in Memphis for 15 years. “I can’t believe the crazy drivers here. They just whip around the highway, even in front of police. They don’t care. They’re going 110 mph when everyone else is going 30 or 40.”

A few weeks ago, we reported on another interstate shooting where a man cut off a woman near 385 and began firing shots at her with her toddler in the car. 

As of May, the city was on track to double the number of interstate shootings compared to last year. 

“It is an overall issue. No matter where you go around here, it’s the same thing. People in Memphis are also on the highways, so you always have to watch out,” said Katz.

Katz said he’s never felt more unsafe here than he does now.

“It’s surprising a little bit but we’re seeing an increase in crime around here. I don’t live that far from here. And it’s just not safe anymore. You really have to always look in your rearview mirror, see who is around you, and I won’t let my wife go out at night even to take the trash out. So it’s not a good sign,” he said.