MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The ex-wife of basketball stand out Lorenzen Wright is up for parole after taking a plea deal just three years ago in his 2010 murder.

Sherra Wright will go before the parole board in Nashville Wednesday morning. Wright admitted to facilitating the murder of her ex-husband Lorenzen Wright. Instead of going to trial, she took a plea deal in July 2019.

The plea deal consisted of her getting a 30-year sentence and having to serve 30% of that. However, Sherra had already been in jail before her plea and that time counts towards her sentence.

Here is how the Tennessee Department of Corrections explains it:

  • Wright gets credit for 551 days spent in jail before trial.
  • She also gets 144 days of pretrial behavior credit.
  • Since her conviction, she has also earned 441 days of sentence reduction credits.

That is a total of about three years of jail credit.

TDOC also said she is being considered for parole based on her safety valve date which is the earliest possible release date for some inmates when there is an executive order regarding prison overcrowding.

“When Sherra goes before the parole board Wednesday morning in Nashville, she will have a chance to testify on why she should be released and what she has been doing while in prison,” the Tennessee Office of Parole said.

Wright is allowed four witnesses to testify in support of her release. There is currently no word on who those people are.

Lorenzen Wright’s family will have a chance to make statements on why Sherra should stay behind bards. His mother, Deborah Marion, said the family has chosen to watch the hearing and make their comments remotely at the Parole Office in Memphis instead of going to Nashville.

However, it may still be a while before we know if the Parole Board approves Sherra’s release. The Parole Board Member hearing the case will send his recommendation to the other seven board member, who may not attend the meeting. Three of the seven must agree with her release in order for it too be approved.

WREG will cover Sherra Wright’s parole hearing Wednesday. Check our website for updates.