MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A female’s body discovered in the Mississippi River over the weekend has not been identified, but with the ongoing search for Tamia Taylor, many are waiting for answers. 

The Crittenden County Sheriff’s Office says the body has not been identified and there may be a long wait until we get answers. 

“We are at the mercy of the crime lab right now, and it sometimes takes a while,” said Todd Grooms with the sheriff’s office.  “As of right now no official identification has been made. That would just be speculation.”

The body was recovered on the Arkansas side of the Mississippi River Saturday afternoon and originally discovered south of West Memphis across from President’s Island. 

The Dock Ellis Foundation told WREG this is very traumatic to Tamia Taylor’s family but says they are still standing on faith. 

“This is very traumatic to Tamia Taylor’s family, they are still standing on faith and ask that the community do the same. Please allow Crittenden County and MPD the time needed to identify the body. We are asking that you rely on reliable sources for any information pertaining to Tamia Taylor,” the group said.

We couldn’t get an answer as to how long that process would take.