MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shelby County Government’s gas-powered cars and SUVs that rely on fossil fuels will soon be replaced with hybrid and electric vehicles.

On Wednesday, Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris will sign the Green Fleet Executive Order to reduce emissions in efforts to combat climate change by investing in electric and hybrid vehicles.

According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, Shelby County will face increasingly severe weather with at least 6 times more days above 105 degrees by 2050 if no action is taken against climate change.

Due to the largest producer of greenhouse gas in Shelby County being on-road emissions, Mayor Harris says he plans to reduce emissions from government vehicles by 45 percent by 2035.

The County recently added its first fully electric vehicle and fully electric dump truck. Some of the new electric and hybrid vehicles will be on display at the signing ceremony event on Wednesday.

Right now, we have millions of dollars devoted to critical flood mitigation projects designed to help reduce the impact of climate change on homes and neighborhoods. We aren’t going to stop preparing for the worst. The largest emitter of harmful climate change causing emissions is on-road transportation. I’m proud to sign an Executive Order that, will empower Shelby County leaders to make good decisions, combat climate change, and save taxpayer dollars.

Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris