MEMPHIS, Tenn. —Within one day, the Shelby County Health Department is reporting thousands more active COVID cases.

“Sobering” is how Shelby County Health leaders describe the area’s current COVID case count, and “scary” is how one woman describes her current state.

“I kept my distance from day one when they said stay away and distance yourself,” she said.

And that’s exactly what she has been doing for the past two years, essentially sheltering in place. The woman did not even want to venture outside for an on camera interview. However, she still wanted to express what she calls lingering COVID concerns.

“It’s like, well, I don’t have any symptoms,” she said. “My test is wrong. I don’t know why they say I have it, because I don’t feel it.”

From Saturday into Sunday, the Shelby County Health Department is reporting more than 2,700 newly confirmed cases, which is why there are many who say home is their safe haven.

However, some people are testing their luck, potentially putting others in danger even after testing positive for the Coronavirus. In some cases, they refuse to mask up and to stay six feet away, if possible. Health leaders say these are simple solutions that could help stop the spread and allow those in isolation to finally venture out.

“Until everyone gets serious about this, it’s going to be around for a long time,” the woman said.

This is a surge that is sadly not slowing down.

The good news is 544,000 people have been vaccinated here locally, which is nearly a 78 percent vaccination goal of 700,000 people.