COVINGTON, Tenn. — A Shelby County firefighter has been relieved of duty as he faces domestic assault and kidnapping charges in Covington.

The Covington Police Department charged 30-year-old Jonathan Voss with three counts of domestic assault, three counts of kidnapping and two counts of interference with 911.

Police Chief Donna Turner said he surrendered and was arrested on the job late last week. The fire department said he has been relieved of duty with pay pending the outcome of the investigation.

Detectives said they interviewed Voss’ wife, current live-in girlfriend and ex-girlfriend during the investigation. The case started when Voss’ wife came seeking help.

“They actually sought out an order of protection and then came down and filed the report,” Turner said.

WREG uncovered court records that indicate Voss has been accused of abuse in the past. One woman told officers Voss hit her while prepping for a Christmas party last year.

She said a second woman came to help and there was another physical altercation. She told investigators Voss took their phones to prevent them from calling for help.

The second woman later told officers that during the same incident Voss “shoved her to the ground and tied her up.” She also said she saw him put a knife to the other woman’s face.

Turner said children were also present during some of the altercations. In each case, she said abuse can look different.

“It depends on the dynamics of the overall situation. You can witness something, could be there, present when something else happens. Though you may not be physically assaulted, it would be a threat to anyone that was there, and so it can take different views, so its not just, you know, the best way to say is not all domestic abuse leaves a bruise,” she said.

One of the victims told police Voss has been abusing her for four to five years and went as far as allegedly taking the children’s phones and locking them in their rooms.

She also said Voss would leave her at home with no keys, gas, or money and allegedly called 50 to 100 times making sure she didn’t go anywhere. On one occasion, he allegedly attacked her until she “felt like she was going to die.”

“I urge anyone that could be in a situation. It’s tough to make that stance and to step out and report domestic violence,” Turner said. “I just urge to tell someone for us to get you help.”

Turner said Covington Police have been able to provide these women with resources providing support.

While conducting a search warrant, officers found electronic evidence as well as non prescription steroids and a large amount of medical supplies. Police say while being questioned, Voss was seen on camera putting something in his mouth that he later told officers was anxiety medication.

“This one example does not example of what the good folks are that work at the Shelby County Fire,” Turner said.

Voss is currently out on a $25,000 bond.