MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A push to crack down on juvenile crime in Shelby County makes it to Nashville, and Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton says District Attorney Steve Mulroy is to blame. 

Sexton said if Mulroy becomes part of the problem and not the solution, impeachment could be on the table. 

“You have to be derelict-ing your duty, which is a high bar, especially when you have discretion. So is it possible? Yes, but can you do it right now? I don’t think he’s gone to that level yet,” Sexton said.

According to TBI, juvenile crime in the state has actually gone down in the last decade. But in Memphis, that’s not entirely the case, which is why Sexton called on the DA to either step up or get out. 

People in surrounding counties say the juvenile crime in Memphis is so bad it’s also impacting them.

Surveillance video from August showed the moment five thieves from Memphis busted through the window of Whiskey Business in Covington, stealing thousands of dollars worth of inventory. 

“It’s the wild wild west in Memphis. There’s no consequences, there’s no consequences,” said landlord Judson Naifeh. “If you’re going to be a bad element, stay in Memphis. Because Steve McCroy or whatever his name is, he’s not doing anything. He’s letting them out scott free.”

It’s the same old story, according to House Speaker Cameron Sexton, who called on Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy to take action against the juvenile crime plaguing our city. 

“To have a DA down there who says juvenile crime is not running amuck tells you, is he not listening to the people? Does he not see it? Why doesn’t he if everybody else sees it?” Sexton said.

According to the Memphis Shelby County Crime Commission, serious juvenile charges are down 8.3% this year compared to 2022, but overall, juvenile charges are up nearly 31%.

Multiple attempts to speak with Mulroy went unanswered, but in a statement, he said juvenile crime has been an issue in Shelby County for years, and he and his team have taken steps to address it. 

“It’ll take time and state and local agencies working together to turn this around,” Mulroy said.

In his statement, Mulroy said that impeachment would be inappropriate based on a police disagreement. 

It is worth noting since Mulroy took office last year, the number of juveniles who are repeat offenders has dropped more than 25%.