MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The daughter of a Shelby County commissioner says she became an apparent target of road rage when she was chased and involved in a crash with an angry driver over the weekend.

Tiara Caswell, the executive director of Legacy Impact in Frayser, was heading home after leaving her office Sunday night when she noticed a strange car inching closer.

She said she was approaching Scenic Highway when the driver became aggressive, swerving in front her and slamming on her brakes.

“That’s when she hit my car, like bumper car style, and once the car tail spinned and got back on the ground, I knocked it back in drive and kept going forward,” Caswell said.

Caswell headed to Fire Station 46 on Scenic Highway. It was the closest safe place she could find.

“And I was holding the horn, trying to get somebody to come out because she done blocked my car in and started beating on the window, beating on the door, pulling the door, pulling the tags off the car and just being really irate,” she recalled. “I know at her rage level and how angry she was that she was not going to stop.”

Caswell said after no one in the fire station responded, she drove all the way around the building, escaped, and contacted police and her father, Shelby County Commissioner Charlie Caswell.

“I didn’t know what in the world when she came running in the house to tell me this just happened to her, that someone tried to run her off the road and then came beating on the window of her car trying to snatch her out of the car,” he said. “That was very concerning to me.”

Commissioner Caswell said what happened makes him even more aware of the challenge facing Commission members in dealing with rising crime.

“To have an incident like this hit so close to home, it put fear there, but then it also just  concerning for what I know so, so many people are crying out for,” he said.

The Memphis Police Department is looking for the driver of the vehicle and checking for security cameras in the area, including at Fire Station 46.