MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  Shelby County Commissioner Edmund Ford Jr., the subject of an FBI raid, attended a committee meeting on Wednesday.

Commissioners had an important budget discussion for the county, handling hundreds of millions of dollars.

Historically Ford Jr. has been very active in budget discussions and today wasn’t much different as he chimed in several times and made motions.

Budget talks are often a lot of back and forth between the county administration and the commissioners as they work to come to agreements.

Last week, the FBI executed a search warrant on the home of Commissioner Ford Jr., which records show is owned by his father Edmund Ford Senior who is a Memphis City council member.

WREG asked Mayor Lee Harris about the raid on Ford Jr.’s home and he says “It’s a pickle”.

“Will he come back and how does a person come back and lead a budget discussion when they’re under FBI investigation based on some of the media reports that I’ve seen? It’s a real, real pickle,” Mayor Harris said. “So I think you’ll just have to ask him if the FBI investigation that has been reported on publicly is going to give him pause about continuing to serve on the commission, continuing to come to budget meetings, continuing to steer public money in a variety of different places.”

WREG has also reached out to Commisioner Ford Jr. for comment, but he has not responded.