MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Problems arise once again at the Shelby County Clerk’s office after a system outage puts services on hold.

According to Shelby County clerk Wanda Halbert, a system-wide outage put things at a standstill Friday morning.

It was a long morning for people waiting in line at the Shelby County Clerk’s office at Poplar Plaza. 

One woman says she was in line at 4:30 a.m. and says four minutes before the office was supposed to open, an employee informed her the system was down across the county. 

“We had to take off work and I can’t afford to take off work and come back down here again,” Lakita Dickerson said.

We spoke to Shelby County clerk Wanda Halbert and she says the outage was due to an issue involving the state and Shelby County IT. Therefore, she says the outage only impacted Shelby County. 

The system was fully restored by 9 a.m.

“The lines were crazy. They weren’t moving. The system was down. Then finally they said they were only taking three people at a time,” Kay Beasley said.

This incident follows a long list of issues at the county clerk’s office. 

Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris says he’s been trying to work with Halbert’s office to try to come to a solution.

“The county commission has now recommended that she come into the county commission periodically to deliver updates to the public because this a major concern,” Mayor Harris said.

It’s unclear what caused the outage.