MEMPHIS, Tenn.– The Shelby County Clerk’s Office is making an attempt to eliminate long customer wait lines with a new sign-in system.

Starting on Tuesday, July 26, only 15 to 20 customers will wait in line and others will sign in to receive a call when it is their turn to be served, Shelby County Clerk Wanda Halbert announced Friday.

If a customer is not served, then a call and/or voucher for priority services will be given on the following day. Customers falling into this category will be notified upon registering at each location.

“During what we are seeing as a new COVID surge affecting our team and customers, extreme weather, marginal resources, aged facilities, and safety of citizens and customers, we’ve worked on a temporary plan until the technology phase of the “No Line, No Wait” has been implemented,” Halbert said. “As we are continuing to look for new facilities better amenable to our customer base, once the technology components are in place, we are anticipating an appointment, call-in, and/or text service to help better control the lines.”

The clerk’s office said the state of Tennessee is currently issuing new license plates but lines could be as long as more than two hours due to a large number of customers being served across the state.

Halbert said around 19,500 plates have been mailed in the last two weeks.

The clerk’s office also plans to take over the mail service process and will close for a full week to catch up on outstanding work.

The closure week will be announced next week as they finalize plans.