MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police have arrested a woman who they say shot her child’s father at a store in Oakhaven.

The shooting happened Thursday near County Line Grocery on Tchulahoma Road. Officers responded to the scene just after 2:30 p.m.

One man was injured. Memphis Police say he went to the hospital in critical condition.

Memphis Police have arrested 33-year-old Ashley Jeffries in connection with this shooting.

A witness reportedly told police he was standing in front of the store when he saw Jeffries and the victim arguing. Memphis Police say the argument was about another woman.

According to police, the witness saw Jeffries drive away from the victim, but once she was heading northbound on Tchulahoma, she turned back and fired a shot through her window.

Memphis Police say the victim started walking towards the witness saying, “She shot me.” The victim reportedly told the witness Jeffries is his child’s mother.

Police say another witness told investigators he heard one gunshot and saw a woman getting back into a white car. Memphis Police say witnesses identified the vehicle as a white Nissan.

Officers later pulled over the white Nissan and identified Jeffries as the driver. Police say there were multiple children in the car with Jeffries, and a black gun fell onto the ground in front of officers.

According to police, Jeffries told investigators that the victim, who she says is her child’s father, had been “bothering her all day.”

Jeffries reportedly claimed she had called the victim to get some money for their child and that she had been upset because the victim had used her car all night. According to police, the victim became upset and accused Jeffries of taking his gun that he had left in her car.

Memphis Police say Jeffries admitted that she and the victim argued at the store. Jeffries reportedly told investigators that the victim threatened to get his sisters to beat her up. She also told investigators the victim had threatened to kill her.

Police say Jeffries told investigators she was afraid, so she reached in the back of her car and grabbed a gun. Memphis Police say Jeffries claimed the gun “went off.”

However, Memphis Police say Jeffries later changed her story and told investigators that she fired the gun, but she “blacked out” and didn’t know she shot the victim.

Jeffries has been charged with attempted second-degree murder. She’s also been charged with unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony.