MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As the temperature drops, many people living at Serenity Towers will rely on space heaters and heavy blankets to stay warm because the boiler for the property is still not on.

During a court hearing Tuesday, we also learned that the hot water isn’t working either.

“I think a lot of this been put on trying to fix things for the sake of the court, but we need to be trying to fix things for the sake of the people who live there,” said Judge Patrick Dandridge.

A resident of Serenity Towers told us he has lived at the senior living facility for a decade, and having broken elevators, no hot water, and heat is nothing new. He asked to remain anonymous.

“I got me an electric heater. That’s how I stay warm. I got two electric heaters myself. I been had them. I have been dealing with it. I been here for ten years or more, and I learned over the years that when the air goes out, the heat goes out,” he said.

Unfortunately, he is going to have to continue using it. The special master, Marcus Ward, said there is still no heat or hot water, and elevators remain inoperable.

“The most important thing is once we get these done. We can’t keep coming back out. It’s like we do something, we fix it until it breaks again. There needs to be a long-term sustainable solution,” Ward said.

Serenity Tower claims they have worked out a deal with OTIS, the elevator company, and Martin and White, the HVAC provider, to fix these issues by the end of the month.

As for a permanent solution to the issues, Serenity said it needs more time.

Without a central heater, Serenity Towers said it has set up a number of “warming rooms” for residents to use until they can get the boiler working.