MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Brittney Jackson, the mother charged with Sequoia Samuels’s death, has requested a mental evaluation.

Jackson’s attorney, Ken Brashier, requested the evaluation after he referred to Jackson as the victim.

“We believe that Brittney and Sequoia were victims of domestic assault inside that home by Mr. Hobson. We believe that Brittney suffered from battered woman syndrome,” Brashier said.

This comes after 24-year-old Jackson appeared in court Tuesday on charges of abuse of a corpse, aggravated child abuse, and false offense report.

She was given a $500,000 bond. When asked if she could make it, Jackson turned to her family to see what they would say.

Brashier says no mother in her right mind would do that to her child and that Jackson has her family’s support.

“First off, this is a terrible situation,” said Clayton Jackson, Brittney’s father. “We have to be with our kids through the good times and bad times and this so happens to be one of the bad times that I have to be with my daughter.”

Jaylon Hobson and Brittany Jackson have been charged in connection with the death of Jackson’s 4-year-old child. (SCSO)

Her boyfriend, 21-year-old Jaylon Hobson, has a false offense report charge. Hobson’s attorney asked the judge to revoke his bond because he believes additional charges are forthcoming sometime this month.

“I anticipate that this case will be sent to the grand jury and additional charges will be coming forth in the next month or so,” said Craig Morton, Hobson’s attorney.

Last Thursday, Jackson told police her daughter was missing from their North Memphis home and that’s when an all-out search began.

Later, she reportedly admitted to police that her little girl had actually been dead for weeks.

Jackson claims Hobson beat the child and that the two then stored Sequoia’s body in garbage bags in the house. But Jackson’s attorney says Jackson didn’t kill Sequoia.

“We believe that the investigation once it’s complete will show that Jaylon Hobson killed this child and that Brittney Jackson was afraid to come forward,” Brashier said.

Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy said Hobson was initially given a $50,000 bond on the false offense charge but his office is requesting to increase the bond.

“We’re actively reviewing the situation and I wouldn’t rule out increasing charges on either of them,” Mulroy said.

Jackson will be back in court on July 21. Her boyfriend, Jaylon Hobson, had his court appearance reset to the 27th.