MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Quick action from security officers at a Memphis apartment complex led to the recovery of a stolen car and landed several suspected car thieves in jail.

Memphis Police said three people and two other juveniles were wearing ski masks early Tuesday morning at the Highland Meadows Apartments in the airport area.

Police responded to the scene after security officers at the complex said the suspects were trespassing, acting suspiciously, and driving erratically in a stolen red Hyundai.

“As we approached the car to ask them hey do yall need anything.. are yall okay that’s when they initially took off running,” said Rodney Williams who leads security at the complex. “Once they start taking off running that’s when I assumed they were up to no good,”

At the time Williams said the driver Keonta Dickens was walking around looking in breezeways.

With the help of three other officers, he said all five suspects were handcuffed and detained minutes later.

“We pretty in shape so no they didn’t get far,” Williams said. “It boils down to a team effort myself and the other guys that are properly trained. It comes down to training and teamwork.”

According to the arrest affidavit, Dickens told officers he bought the car valued at $15,000 earlier that day for $500 on Facebook marketplace. But police said the car had been reported stolen outside a home on the edge of Midtown just three days earlier.

All three adult suspects are charged with theft of property. They were released from jail after posting bond but are due back in court next month.

We’re working to learn if the juveniles will also be charged.