MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A security guard is accused of assaulting a LeMoyne-Owen College student during a confrontation inside the dorms.

This incident happened on February 2.

The student, 24-year-old Destinie Jones, said the altercation started after friends came to her about a confrontation the security guard, 30-year-old Darius Brown had with another student inside the dorm.

“They began to tell me how the security guard had disrespected another student by saying ‘Go dig up your dead girlfriend and hug her if you miss her so much.’ So, me having a dead boyfriend, I understand where he was coming from and his emotions,” Jones said.

After voicing concern to another security guard, Jones said Brown aggressively approached her and she had to defend herself.

“He started saying I don’t give a F about none of you kids and I don’t give a F about your big black A,” Jones said. “You’re a man and at the end of the day.. you’re brought here for security to secure and make us feel protected but all the time you been here you telling us you hope everybody up in here die.”

She said Brown then called her names and the two got into an argument. That’s when she says the security guard told her to come outside and fight.

Jones said she walked outside the door and that’s when he aggressively approached her.

“When he jumped at me, flinched at me like he was going to hit me, trying to hit me, I just pushed him against the metal detector. That’s when he started hitting me,” Jones said. “He hit me once right here in my eye where I can barely see and he hit me in my head and he came and started scratching me in my face.”

Destinie Jones

Jones said during the fight Brown pulled out several patches of her hair and bit her breasts.

Finally, I was able to get him on the ground and he started biting me on my breasts,” she said.

Brown has been charged with assault.

Darius Brown (Courtesy: Shelby County Sheriff’s Office)

Brown’s former employer Top Notch Security said he was terminated that day for not de-escalating the situation. In a statement, Le-Moyne Owen College said it has launched an internal investigation.

“We are aware of the incident that occurred on our campus between a student and a contracted security guard. Because the safety and wellbeing of our students are top priority, the contracted employee was immediately dismissed. As we have initiated an internal investigation, no further comment can be provided at this time.”

But for Jones, this statement isn’t enough. She wants the school to release footage of the incident and do a better job of vetting security guards.

“Nobody wants to feel unsafe at a school campus where y’all supposed to make us feel safe at,” she said.

Jones said she now plans to sue the college.