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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A second mental evaluation was ordered Wednesday for the man accused of firing a single round into a Memphis television station before barricading himself inside a restaurant.

The family of Jarrad Nathan sat looking straight ahead in court Wednesday hoping to lock eyes with the man who has been in lockup since being arrested earlier this month. However, his family will have to wait as Nathan was not in court.

Two weeks ago, the judge ordered a mental evaluation with more testing still to be done.

“The mental evaluation has come back and they are needing to send him to MMHI (Memphis Mental Health Institute),” Judge Karen Massey said in court Wednesday.

It’s unclear why another test was ordered. For the family, they say it’s yet another part of an emotional roller coaster they hope will soon end.

“My eyes are just now going down. My eyes have been swollen. I can’t eat or sleep,” said his sister Marnesha Nathan.

Jarrad Nathan’s family members hugging each other during an emotional day in court as a judge orders a second mental health evaluation (Photo by Jerrita Patterson, WREG)

Marnesha said her tears don’t compare to her brother’s cry for help after he was shot seven times last June.

“Jarrad lost everything. He was an entrepreneur. Jarrad had two houses. He was selling cars. But the streets don’t love nobody,” she said. “Pray for him, and his mental health.”

All the more reason why Marnesha Nathan said she had to be here.

“He probably feels like he doesn’t have anyone in his court,” she said.

Even more emotion was on display, as Nathan’s family embraced before using our camera to deliver a message to the man they haven’t seen or heard from.

“If you see this baby, please hold on. Please hold on,” Marnesha said.

Nathan’s family spoke with his public defender, telling us, it’s the not knowing that’s been the most difficult. But what we do know is that a second evaluation has been requested through the Memphis Mental Health Institute. The assessment could bring with it some answers for a family that has plenty of questions.

Jarrad Nathan, who has been charged with aggravated assault and reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon is set to appear in court on June 21.