MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Four people have been arrested after officers said found guns, weed and promethazine where the suspects were gambling.

Officers received a gambling and drug complaint Thursday in the 900 block of Seattle Street. When they arrived, two of the suspects tried to flee the scene. Police soon caught Leroy Cloyd, 21, and Jacquez Williams, 21, and took them into custody.

Brian Townsend, 26, and Corey Gates, 30, were also arrested. Officers said Cloyd and Williams threw guns on the ground while running from police.

When MPD returned to the first scene, they found another handgun and a backpack containing marijuana. They also found a bottle labeled promethazine on the front porch.

Police later saw a vehicle that had a marijuana odor. MPD’s K9 found narcotics on the front passenger side door. Court documents state officers also found a third handgun under the passenger seat along with a bag of marijuana.

Cloyd later admitted to officers that everything found inside of the vehicle belonged to him. However, none of the suspects took ownership of the drugs and gun found on the scene.

In total, officers found 98 grams of promethazine syrup with codeine, three grams of marijuana and crack cocaine and six handguns.