MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The search for the next Memphis-Shelby County Schools superintendent remains in limbo after Tuesday night’s school board meeting.

Transparency was the hot-button word at the meeting as board members discuss the now-paused search for the district’s next superintendent.

“It’s been a lack of transparency among board members. It’s been a lack of transparency to the community,” said school board member Sheleah Harris.

“As far as transparency, that is what I do in every single thing that I do in my life,” said school board member Michelle McKissack.

Saturday, several board members expressed disappointment after The HYA Search Firm presented three finalists. Those three finalists included current interim superintendent Toni Williams, who previously said she did not want the job, Carlton Jenkins, a superintendent in Wisconsin, and Brenda Cassellius, who runs a consulting company and previously had ties to the district.

However, Brenda Cassellius has now withdrawn her name.

The firm added Keith Miles, a superintendent in New Jersey, and the district’s own deputy superintendent Angela Whitelaw to the list of finalists. WREG obtained a full list of applicants. Some well-known applicants like long-time Principal Alisha Kiner and Whitehaven High Principal Vincent Hunter did not make the cut.

“HYA recommended interviewing the four recommended finalists or reopening the search in the fall,” said MSCS Board Chair Althea Greene.

The recommendations come as the board questions its own policy and qualifications of candidates.

“We need something that serves children and serves this community and we can do it right, and it doesn’t happen often but we need to be very thorough in the process,” said school board member Keith Williams.

The board meets again next Tuesday. That’s when they are expected to make a vote on how to move forward.