MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A wild exchange of gunfire ended a Memorial Day weekend house party in the Sea Isle neighborhood of East Memphis.

Police responded Saturday night to the 4600 block of Sea Isle Road off South Perkins. Neighbors say the house is a short-term rental property.

Neighbors say more than 50 people were gathered at the two-bedroom house for a party. Around 11, several people say they heard close to 30-50 shots fired.

A couple nearby said they ran into their hallway to duck for cover.

“I had the TV on and I muted it real quick, because I said that’s not firecrackers going off,” resident Bob Ross said. “And then it was a bunch of shots and then it was a little bit, and then I heard some more shots and then I heard cars speeding up and down.”

The incident was captured on a neighbor’s surveillance video. No one was injured, but police say three cars were hit by multiple bullets.

Video is below. Turn sound on.

A Nissan was seen with its back window shot out and a Toyota had four bullet holes visible Monday.

One man said it took police nearly two hours to respond after they were called.

Neighbors said the house had been rented for parties before, but they had been relatively calm until this incident. An online listing showed the home rents for $116 a night, but the listing had been discontinued by late Monday evening.

A representative with the vacation rental company said there was not a rental through the company at that address on that night.