MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Another Memphis organization is demanding accountability after a man was allegedly struck in the head with a golf club by a golfer in Whitehaven.

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference is joining the NAACP is pushing for justice after Marc Coleman, a local minister, was allegedly attacked by Wesley Caldwell with a club at The Links at Whitehaven on Dec. 3.

“We’re asking our district attorney that he would look into this matter and justice might be performed,” said Walter Womack with SCLC.

A witness told police that Coleman’s ball landed near another hole and as he was going to get it, Caldwell threw the ball and allegedly began striking Coleman with a golf club to the point that he was left with severe bleeding on the brain and placed on a ventilator.

As a result of the brutal attack, Caldwell was charged with aggravated assault and released on a $5,000 bond, which has left supporters of Coleman outraged.

Following the criticism by some, the Shelby County DA’s office released a statement acknowledging the Coleman family’s concerns. They say they will be looking to see if the facts of the case align with the charge and bond status.

Meanwhile, as investigators work to determine if a hate crime occurred, the calls for reform will continue to sound across Memphis.

“I don’t think we should release violent offenders back out into society, on the streets, and innocent people lay fighting for their life,” Womack said.

No timeline was given as to how long the DA’s office will be investigating the matter.