MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A group of students calling themselves the Save the G Squad is hoping to school adults on what they want from a recent agreement between the City of Germantown and MSCS involving the suburb’s namesake schools known as the 3Gs.

During a news conference at Germantown High School Tuesday, the students said they don’t want to be divided and displaced as a student body.

The proposed agreement allows students and staff at Germantown Elementary, Germantown Middle, and Germantown High to remain on their current campus for up to nine years.

“The main focus would be keeping us together. As I said in the first news conference, it’s not about the four walls, but it’s about the family that we have,” said ninth-grader Calvin Nicholson. “So, I dare not let this be the last time we come together. So, I dare not let this be the last time this school is here. That’s why I’m here with the fight that I am today.”

The students said they want to stay together on their current campus or on the campus of a new school.

“I think all of us feel heard because now we see the support we have, the support of our superintendent,” Nicholson said.

Interim MSCS Superintendent Toni Williams also attended the student news conference. Earlier in the day, she told WREG she’s heard the students loud and clear.

“There are about 3,300 students and 305 employees and they have been really vocal around just the support that they need through this process,” she said. “I’ve listened to students. I’ve listened to parents. I’ve listened to teachers and what they want most is more of a transition time frame. They want to stay together as a family of Germantown. So, I’ve tried to listen and lead in that moment in these negotiations.”

The Save the G Squad said it plans to keep fighting.

“I want to leave this thing with you, we made it up. Keep the G in the mix until the Class of ’26,” Nicholson said.

The Shelby County Board of Commissioners is scheduled to vote on the 3G agreement on Wednesday and MSCS is expected to address the issue the next day.