MEMPHIS, Tenn.– The Salvation Army of Memphis is sending out a Christmas SOS in October as they are in need of a large warehouse to sort and distribute Christmas gifts this year.

Chances are I know what you’re probably thinking, it’s only October and we’re already talking about Christmas, but inside the Salvation Army’s Kroc Center and that’s exactly what’s on the mind of folks here.

“We are preparing now to be able to help families who have financial crisis. Their finances have been strained and they need this additional help to be able to bring Christmas to their families,” said the Salvation Army’s area commander Major Mark Hunter.

The needs of hundreds of families are met through the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program.

It provides gifts to families that are either unemployed or under-employed who have children 12 and younger or senior citizens 65 and older on fixed incomes.

“There are a lot of families this year and we think more this year than any other year because of the economy and other things,” Hunter said.

Many of you have generously opened your hearts by adopting angels, and your wallets by providing gifts that in the past have packed Angel Tree distribution centers.

“Families send those gifts back to us. That’s where we stage the items and start arranging it by the family,” Hunter explained.

The organization’s Angel Tree registration will still be taking place in a couple of weeks, but this year instead of just needing angels adopted for children and seniors they are also in need of a large warehouse for gift distribution.

They recently found out the warehouse they used on Getwell is no longer available.

“We don’t own a building because it’s not really cost-prohibited to have a building year-round for just three months of activity,” Hunter said.

Without a 35,000-square-foot facility, it could impact other programs.

“If we don’t secure a building it is just going to put more strain and we may have to reduce the number of families that we’re able to help,” Hunter said.

Major Mark Hunter remains optimistic as the Salvation Army remains on a mission to enlist the help of a company or individual to donate or lease a warehouse where Christmas angels can make miracles happen.

“I’d just like to say it’s great to be in a community that is so generous and supports the Salvation Army and its work,” Hunter said. “So, we know out there somewhere is what we are looking for and we look forward to someone giving us a call.”

If you can help provide a temporary or permanent warehouse for the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program, please call them at (901)-543-8586

The Angel Tree registration program will still be taking place from October 17 through October 22.