MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Friday is the deadline for Angel Tree donations, and hundreds of children and seniors haven’t been adopted. The Salvation Army of Memphis is in dire need of help.

But last-minute gifts are welcome if you’d like to spread holiday cheer.

By the cartload, cardboard box or bag, donations poured into The Salvation Army of Memphis and the Mid-Mid-South, just hours before the deadline Friday. We even spotted WREG Meteorologist Wendy Nations giving back to the cause.

“Memphis has been and will continue to be one of the most generous communities cities in the United States,” said Aaron Keegan, director of development for the Salvation Army.

Keegan said this year, there are 5,200 angels in need, a list comprised of children 12 and under and seniors. Eight hundred were still up for adoption.

“These numbers are trending upward because of the pandemic, because of job loss, because of the needs in our community,” he said.

Wanting to pay it forward Friday, two healthcare workers said their pediatric clinic adopted two 5-year-olds.

“The day we adopted them, that day the doctors were on and the staff just, the next day the boxes were full,” said donor Mitzi Reape.

“We see kids everyday and we see the struggles kids are having, and the family struggles as well, and Christmas is the time for giving,” donor Debbie Vandergrift said.

While the toys are piling up, folks are also bringing in goodies for the older angels to have under the tree.

“A lot of people forget about the seniors, but some of them like my grandmother live alone so they just need somebody there to look out for them,” donor Niyoka Phillips said.

If you don’t have time to shop Keegan says you can donate at or drop off any last-minute gifts by Monday at the latest.

“The Salvation Army is going to make sure.. that those 800 left are going to be adopted,” Keegan said. “We need you to go shopping today this weekend and turn those gifts in as soon as possible.”

You can drop off any last minute gifts to the Purdue Hope Center at 696 Jackson Avenue or Kroc Center Memphis at 800 East Parkway South.