MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Doing the most good is more than a motto for the Salvation Army as it is also a mission for many of you.

The Gathering of Angels was held Thursday to extend special thanks to those who gave generously and adopted angels. City and county leaders and those from corporations and churches were also among those recognized for their selfless support in helping to make this a happy holiday for children and seniors.

Salvation Army’s Memphis Area Commander Major Lorie Hunter knows this has been a labor of love.

“We have 1,125 families in this room and we have about 650 families in the other room. Same concept every family has a box,” Hunter said. “We will spend the next couple of days going through and just making sure we have packed for every child and we have at least three things in their bag.”

Some boxes are overflowing following the overflowing of contributions from many of you. Major Hunter will be the first to tell you that this is a ministry in motion.

“Just watching God work, work through our community, not just through me and through my staff, and through our volunteers, but through everyone,” Hunter said.

There will be a lot of playtime for the children that get toys. However, some of those boxes remain empty. Major Hunter says gifts for older children, 11 or 12-year-olds in particular, are greatly needed.

There is still time to give so that you can help ensure this is a very merry Christmas. You can drop off donations at the KROC Center before Monday when families will begin picking up gifts.