MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A 57-year-old man is charged with second-degree murder after he told police he stabbed a driver during an apparent road rage killing Sunday night on Sam Cooper Boulevard.

According to police, Jonathan Brush dialed 911 at 10:45 p.m. saying a man in a Toyota Camry ran him off Sam Cooper at Hollywood. He said the man got out of his car and threatened him, so he stabbed the man.

Brush told the 911 operator that he still had the knife on him, and that the victim was still in his car, unconscious.

When officers arrived, they found Jody Moyt in the driver’s seat of the Toyota with multiple stab wounds to his upper torso and legs. He was taken to Regional One and pronounced dead.

Officers say they found found a silver pocket knife with “red residue” on the tip, sitting on the driver’s seat of Brush’s Mercedes-Benz ML 350.

Brush was arrested. He faces a court date Tuesday.