MEMPHIS, Tenn. — RNR Tire Express in Raleigh was robbed on Thursday and Friday.

This comes after back-to-back robberies over the past three days in Memphis at local businesses.

“Why? We just don’t understand why,” said James Clayton, general manager of RNR Tire Express. “Whatever they didn’t get last night as far as matching sets, they kinda came back and finished it. They saw that we repaired everything because we repaired the glass. We want to be able to serve our customers.”

Customers like those at Wheel Workz in Parkway Village had to maneuver through a broken gate Friday afternoon after a truck backed into the business and the thieves ran in grabbing new rims.

“I got a call at 3:01 and they were gone by 3:03 and police were here by 3:06,” the manager at Wheel Workz said.

While police have not confirmed, the manager of Wheel Workz believes the same group from RNR Tire also robbed his business.

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Both crimes happened within about 90 minutes of each other.

“Some of the same cars are used,” the manager at Wheel Workz said. “Whether they’re stolen or personal. I have no idea.”

He also believes the cars were used to burglarize Buster’s liquor store in East Memphis.

“They went to the Jack Daniels. They went to the Crown Royale. They went to the Moet. They knew what they were looking for,” a Buster’s employee said.

Business owners hope the police know what they are looking for with all of these surveillance videos so another business isn’t forced to pick up the pieces.

“Everybody’s hiring,” Clayton said. “Why would someone want to take the easy way out and the most dangerous way out? To do that, risking so much for them personally to take from people that are trying to work every day.”