MEMPHIS, Tenn.– There is no relief at the pump as gas prices continue to climb in the Memphis area and across the country. Gas prices are still breaking records, hurting drivers in their wallets and forcing them to make other travel plans for the summer.

Record high gas prices that seem to rise almost every day at Memphis area gas pumps have drivers digging even deeper into their pockets.

In West Memphis, Arkansas, it’s the same song, but with a different verse.

“We’re spending more money on the gas but for me personally I can afford it, but I can imagine people struggling financially. They wouldn’t be able to travel like I’m doing,” said George Johnson from Clarksdale, Tennessee.

AAA told WREG that as of Friday Tennessee has a state average of $4.29 a gallon. That’s nine cents more than on Monday.

Mississippi gas prices are now $4.18 and Arkansas has the lowest gas in the Mid-South at $4.12.

“We’ve seen record-breaking prices for over a week now. We’ve been over the four-dollar mark for a couple of weeks here in Tennessee and unfortunately, it looks like that trend is going to continue,” said Megan Cooper with AAA.

And with no end in sight to the rising prices and with Memorial Day fast approaching, AAA recommends you plan ahead.

“Make sure you’re up to date on your oil changes, make sure you’re looking at your tires, make sure they’re properly inflated and have proper tread depth,” Cooper said.

But the soaring prices are slowing down some summer travel plans and for others, it’ll mean not only putting the brakes on traveling but parking their vehicles altogether until gas prices come down.

AAA says as of Friday Memphis is the fourth most expensive metro area in the state of Tennessee.