MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As we get ready to start this year’s Go Jim Go, we are taking a moment to give thanks to the man who started it all.

This year is WREG meteorologist Jim Jaggers’ final ride as he steps back from his weather duties.

Jim started on Memphis TV in 1977 and has been with WREG since July 26, 2004. During his 19-year journey at WREG, there’s no doubt that he has left his mark on Memphis.

“He’s a guy who cared deeply about the Memphis area. You can tell that through Go Jim Go,” said digital executive producer David Royer. “I have watched him nearly my entire life. There’s no one I trust more to tell me what is going on in the Memphis skies.”

Jim kept us informed on the sunny days and when severe weather hit, often times spending hours on air.

“You felt a level of comfort when you heard the forecast from Jim, whether it was good or bad,” said Stephanie Scurlock. “He had a way of informing you without scaring you, you know?”

And his expertise was certainly admired and noticed.

“He’s an amazing scientist. He really knows what he is talking about. So many people have learned so much from him,” said WREG news director Bruce Moore.

“He has so much knowledge. So many different awards. He’s won the National Weatherperson of the Year from the National Weather Association,” said fellow weather expert Todd Demers.

Jim also had another side we loved. He made people laugh.

“He didn’t take himself too seriously, and that’s what we all appreciated about Jim,” Scurlock said.

And that was also the case in the newsroom.

“Working with him, I was like, woah, you’re really like that. You are this pleasant person. This kind person I see on TV,” said Quametra Wilborn.

“He brought a lot of laughter to the newsroom. Jim always had a joke,” said assignment manager and investigative producer Lisa Dandridge.

Jim Jaggers with Stephanie Scurlock and April Thompson

It’s a sentiment shared by so many at News Channel 3.

“We got so close with him. He told me that he is the godfather of my child now. He always asks about us, and the family and how his godson is doing,” said production technician Melissa Jospeh.

“A very down to Earth guy. He’s just fun, man. He’s fun,” said production director Michael Gates.

Jim’s kindness reached beyond our station. You’d see him out in the community working with the boy scouts and volunteering countless hours. He also spent 18 years doing Go Jim Go, biking hundreds of miles to raise money for Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. Over the years, he raised more than $4 million.

“He’s there getting to know parents, getting to know the children themselves, the doctors, the nurses. This is personal for him and always has been,” said Alex Coleman.

“His charitable work is incredible, and it’s a legacy of work that, it’s everlasting,” said Jerrita Patterson.

You won’t see Jim every day on News Channel 3, but we’re lucky it’s not a total goodbye.

Jim will still be a part of our family hosting WREG’s Knowledge Bowl and appearing occasionally in other roles, including the weather desk.