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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– The family of a rideshare driver and mother of six who was killed Friday says she was an unintended target of gunfire. 

Her brother Willie Mitchell said someone shot and killed Dushaundra Lee Ward as she drove for Lyft Friday afternoon. He believes the passengers she picked up were the shooter’s targets when her car was ambushed off James Road.

Dushaundra Lee Ward (provided photo)

Ward was working to provide for her family at the time.  

“She just was a loving person, family person, she loved her kids. She was the one who held everything together,” Mitchell said.

That’s how 43-year-old Ward will be remembered. She’s described as the rock of the family who was devoted to her children and her faith.

“She ain’t never been in nothing. I mean my daughter didn’t drink, didn’t smoke, she stayed at home with her children. She believed in family,” said Ward’s mother Patricia Lee.

One child she leaves behind is just 18 months old.

Ward’s mother Patricia Lee said while she and her daughter didn’t always see eye to eye, she takes comfort in the fact they had recently reconciled.

Dushaundra Lee Ward (provided photo)

“But lately and I thank God for that, we found our way back to one another and we were like where we were supposed to be. We were family,” she said. “Therefore you know when I do have my moods and my little spells that come over me I think about that and I just be so grateful that we made it back, you know? Cause I don’t know what I would do if we hadn’t made it back and then this happened to my daughter.”

Now Ward’s family hopes police catch who is responsible.

“Pray that they’re held accountable for what they did and what they took from us,” Lee said.

In a statement, a Lyft spokesperson called the case tragic and heartbreaking and said they will continue to help law enforcement in any way the company can. 

This tragedy is heartbreaking and deeply disturbing. Our hearts are with the driver’s loved ones during this incredibly difficult time, and we’ve attempted to contact their family to offer our support. We will continue to assist law enforcement in any way we can, and will continue our efforts to combat this senseless violence and help keep drivers safe.

Lyft spokesperson

We reached out to Memphis Police for more information about the case. We’re waiting to hear back.