MEMPHIS, Tenn. – – Two college students were held up at gunpoint outside their apartment complex Monday afternoon.

21-year-old Rhodes College senior Emilia Salvatore said she and her roommate were leaving the Parkway House complex on North Parkway when they saw a man in the parking lot standing by a white sedan.

“He said something like you guys are looking real pretty today and it was a little odd but we just kept walking,” Salvatore said. “And then when we walked right by him is when he pulled a gun out of his coat.”

She said he took her roommate’s purse then jumped in the sedan and sped away. 

“It happened so quickly it was hard to react right away,” Salvatore said. “It was like what just happened?”

Salvatore said her roommate’s phone was in the purse and said her roommate’s father was able to track it.

“We let police know where the location of the phone was,” she said.

Investigators said the thief tossed it out the window near East Parkway and Sam Cooper where another man found it and picked it up.

“And so, when police retrieved the phone it was with that person and they brought him back to our building,” Salvatore said. “And we were able to look at him and tell them no, that definitely wasn’t the person.”

The thief is still out there and Salvatore hopes police catch him soon.

“Going around and stealing peoples’ things is not good,” she said. “I’m hoping this doesn’t happen to another person.”

As it turns out, the man who picked up the phone ended up going to jail anyway. Police said he had outstanding warrants.