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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Thursday marks four weeks since that shooting at the Kroger in Collierville. Thursday night, several restaurants will be pitching in to donate a portion of their proceeds to the victims.

What seems like a typical day inside of Tony’s Trophy Room has been been quite the opposite. The Collierville eatery is among 10 restaurants participating in the fundraiser for the “Collierville Survivors Fund”.

“I have actually been running deliveries all morning to Collierville companies that weren’t able to get out that we’re taking food to,” said owner Angela Sarwar.

It was four weeks ago when a gunman entered the Kroger in Collierville, injuring 15 people and killing one. Sarwar says the fundraiser is all about being there to support the community.

“It’s like it’s a big hug,” Sarwar said. “You know, it’s knowing that everyone around you is there for you, and anytime you go through anything hard knowing that you have a group of people there supporting you and helping you through everything. It just, it helps you get through it so much better.”

It’s up to each restaurant how much of their proceeds they donate. Tony’s Trophy Room will be giving 10 percent of their earnings. It’s a cause that brought out customers like Mike Miller.

“I think it’s great. I think that there’s a, I wish there was more restaurants involved in it,” Miller said. “We’re all families out here and the people that, that are that need it. They need a little extra help during these times.”

So far, more than a million dollars has been raised through the Collierville Survivors Fund. As donations continue to trickle in, Sarwar hopes that support for fellow neighbors continue well beyond this tragedy.

“Don’t let it take such as an act of senseless tragedy to bring you to this point, you know,” Sarwar said. “Let’s  make sure to remember that we’re here for each other, even on the smaller things.”

If you missed out on Thursday’s fundraiser, there are still ways to help out those affected. You can click here to donate to the Collierville Survivors’ Fund.