MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A group representing residents of Memphis Towers is again demanding the Memphis Health, Education, and Housing Facility Board to stop giving tax breaks to the firm managing the high rise.

Members of the HEHF Board got an earful on what members of the Memphis Tenants Union think about the lack of safety and security at Memphis Towers and how the board needs to withhold public dollars and tax breaks given to Millennia Properties.

“They funded a number of different Millennia properties here in Memphis, so their capable of making Millennia pay their taxes, which I think is something they should be doing,” said Alex Uhlmann with the Memphis Tenants Union.

Memphis Towers residents like Andrea Smith echoed their frustration.

“Our doors are broken. Anyone can walk in and out. The guards that are down there they don’t ask anyone, ‘Who you coming to visit?’, sign in, or anything,” Smith said.

The Memphis Tenants Union is demanding Millennia make good on three key issues: 24/7 security with a firm selected by residents at the property, doors that lock with a key card for every resident, and “pull cords” in residents’ apartments connected to emergency medical services.

Alan Weckerly, Executive VP with Millennia said one of those demands is being addressed at Wednesday’s board meeting.

“We do have an outside, third party security company that has floating hours that monitors the property during different hours during the course of the week,” he said.

Board members were quick to say Millennia has not acted quickly enough.

“Fortify your security and go back to the drawing board and really break it down and build it back up so his can be addressed because this isn’t something we should be talking about every month,” said HEHF board member Cliff Henderson.

According to Millennia’s VP Wednesday key cards have been issued to about 50 percent of the tenants, but the front door remains broken after being damaged three times in one week by a resident facing eviction.

The HEHF Board requested an update from Millennia at their next board meeting on Wednesday, October 4.