MEMPHIS, Tenn. – – Residents in a South Memphis neighborhood are fed up with an ongoing illegal dumping problem.

There are piles of trash, tires and even furniture sitting in a ditch on West Hollyford near Ball Road. 

Clint Davis lives around the corner.

“They’re dumping their trash right out here in public view and they’re not concerned about anything. They’re just dumping their trash. They’re pulling up, dumping their trash like it’s all good, like it’s the city dump,” he said. “I’ve called the city. I’ve called the police department. Now, I’m reaching out to (Channel 3).”

We called city officials who told us code enforcement is investigating the problem to determine if cleaning the ditch is the city’s responsibility or the owner of the property the ditch sits on. According to county records, that owner is New Bethel Full Gospel Baptist Church.

Deacon Board Chairman Arthur Woody believes the responsibility lies with the city.

“I’m telling you that (ditch) don’t belong to us,” he said.

He said he’s been calling the city about the problem for years. 

“But it don’t do no good,” Woody said.

Sadly, dumping exists throughout Memphis. That’s why city council members are moving forward with a Blight and Illegal Dumping Task Force.

We’ll let you know who code enforcement decides is responsible for cleaning the ditch.