MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tenants in the Fox Meadows area are left with more questions than answers, as several residents say their maintenance requests at the Emerald Pointe Apartments are not being solved. 

At the scene, the grass is uncut, and there are piles of trash with Gatorade bottles, diapers and so much more. WREG spoke to several residents who say this is only the beginning of the problems they are facing. 

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“We ain’t got no air. The grass [doesn’t] get cut,” one resident said. Another added, “My house, we don’t have no water in the kitchen. We haven’t had water in a minute.” 

”No one is picking it up and putting it in the can. And the cans get overflooded, there are not enough cans, and now they don’t have any maintenance people or any groundskeepers because everybody keeps quitting,” said a resident.

Sherita Wilson tells us she has been living at the apartment complex for more than a year, and for months getting anything fixed has been an issue. 

“Now, I have been asking for two or three months about the rodents. I have an eight-year-old granddaughter that lives with me. And for us to get up early in the morning and something’s running across the floor, it’s not good,” said Wilson.

However, she is not the only one having this experience. “I have to go back and forth to the leasing office at least twice a month,” a resident said.

Two people say they bought their own air conditioning units, and another said they’ve started cutting the grass themselves.

They wanted to stay anonymous due to fear of retaliation, but they all believed the new management was the problem. “New people in the office. That’s really what happened, the old people they were kind of good. Soon as they moved out and got new people, it got bad,” a resident told WREG.

We tried talking to management to get answers, but they just locked the leasing office doors and closed the blinds.

There are five 311 complaints from the apartment complex. One is still in progress. We have reached out to the city for more information about those complaints.