MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Residents at a Hickory Hill apartment complex say they’re at risk of losing their utilities just before Christmas and they blame the apartment’s management.  

A letter from MLGW led a resident at The Point Apartments in Hickory Hill to call WREG for help. The woman didn’t want to be identified but she shared the letter that was dated Dec. 8.

Letter sent to Point Apartments residents.

MLGW notified all tenants of KCAP Emerald Point LLC it would be terminating its current business relationship with the company and water and or electric services will be disconnected on Dec. 21.

“As a US citizen these are basic necessities we are supposed to have and if they can’t pay it.. we shouldn’t be paying them utilities,” she said.

Immediately after getting the notice, she said she contacted her leasing office and MLGW asking how was this was possible. She said MLGW told her there was nothing she could do about the water bill because it wasn’t in her name.

As for the apartment management, after calls and emails, she says she’s gotten no response.

“It’s negligent, not my end. I would hate to be caught in the middle of something that has nothing to do with me, especially being a tenant that always pays my rent and utilities,” she said.

After seeing someone run inside the leasing office, WREG went to see if we could get some answers.

After several knocks, the regional manager let us inside after calling police.

She said the letter is a formality because new owners took over in September and the accounts haven’t been switched over.

“When they switch companies always MLGW going to send letter to the residents but pretty much they know they not going to get their water cut off because they pay us,” said Mary Andrade with KeyCity Capital.

In a statement, MLGW told us there is no action tenants need to take giving this update, saying “No payment has been made as of today, but they have until 12/21 to stop the disconnection.”