MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Residents at a Parkway Village apartment complex say they are hoping for a solution to beat the heat as they live without air conditioning.

A gathering of residents on the front lawn of the Champaign Place Apartments in 95 degree heat Tuesday speaks to just how hot it is inside. 

Rodney Dover said he hasn’t slept in days because he says inside his apartment. It’s is over 100 degrees. 

“I’m trying to think of the best word to describe. Hot, sweltering,” he said. “It’s too hot to cook, it’s too hot to eat, if you take a shower, get out, you’re just gonna sweat. I’ve taken cold showers, I haven’t had any sleep in three, four days.”

Carla Harris said her air conditioning has been out for a month. She said she’s complained to AllState Property Management, who oversees the complex several times but they always have an excuse and no answers. 

“We don’t have any fans, no nothing. It’s at the point where we’re thinking about sleeping in the hallway. There’s no air in our room circulating. And he or she, whoever owns this building, don’t care,” Harris said.

Residents told us a person actually died in her unit Wednesday because of the heat. WREG checked with Memphis Police who confirm they did respond to a death at Champaign Place, but say the cause of death is undetermined at this time. 

“I’m so angry but God is God at the end of the day. I just know that this is not right. This is not right,” Harris said.

As temperatures are expected to rise, residents are trying to prepare as best they can. 

“I’ve just been buying ice and today I grabbed a bunch of juice packs from work. These are electrolyte packs so I can make sure I have something to drink tonight. I’ve been keeping cold water in the freezer, bags of ice, things of that nature and just sitting outside trying to catch a breeze,” Dover said.

We tried to question the property manager at Champaign Place but was told she had stepped out. We left our information for a call back, but never heard anything.