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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — There’s finally some progress on repairs at a taxpayer-funded, senior high rise in Memphis.

The attorney for Serenity Towers was back in environmental court Friday morning after the complex was slapped with a fine this week.

According to the complex’s attorney, all the units have hot water and most have A/C, although some still need work. Judge Patrick Dandridge said Serenity was almost in substantial compliance.

“This sounds like we’re moving in the right direction,” Dandridge said.

In 2018, HUD inspectors reported life-threatening risks gave the building a failing grade.

The Millenia Company has since bought it and promised to clean up, but bad conditions reached scorching new heights when the air conditioning stopped working last month..

Code enforcement also reported issues with hot water, bed bugs and mold.

“They’re going unit by unit and fixing every one of those issues,” Millenia attorney Ben Sissman said.

Sissman said A/C is still not working in about 15 percent of the 280 occupied units.

He said those renters have temporary air.

One tenant told WREG Friday her unit is now in order.

But Dandridge said he wanted to make sure the updates last.

Officials said Mayor Jim Strickland joined discussions with Millenia management this week.

The judge stressed code enforcement must remain proactive..

“The responsibility of code is to not only identify violations but to confirm the violations are no longer there,” Dandridge said.

All repairs are expected to be complete within the next two weeks when the Department of Housing and Urban Development is scheduled to be in town for inspection, Sissman said.