MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Family and friends came together to celebrate the birthday of the late Lorenzen Wright, who would have been 47 years old this month had he not been murdered in 2010.

WREG explored how loved ones are coping after all these years.

It was a tearful afternoon for those who love Lorenzen Wright. Despite the pain, they have managed to find peace amid tragedy.

For the last 12 years, loved ones of Lorenzen Wright have been gathering at a Calvary Cemetery to celebrate his birthday, while also remembering the basketball star’s legacy, and today was no exception.

“We really loved my brother and still love him to this day. It’s not just an act that’s why we keep showing up,” Tomonique Marion, Lorenzen’s brother said.

“He can rest that’s what our shirt says,” Deborah Marion, Lorenzen’s mother said. “He haven’t been resting 12 years. No, this child head was up to me, I felt it. Every time I came out here wasn’t nothing going on but now, he sees victory is won.”

For years, Wright’s mother has been waiting to say those words and on 47th birthday, finally, got the opportunity to do so.

Wright was killed in 2010 by a hitman, who investigators say was hired by his ex-wife. Years later, both of those individuals have been charged and are serving prison sentences.

“We’re pretty much relieved. We didn’t care who it was, we just wanted justice. What was done was wrong,“ Tomonique Marion said.

Despite continuing to mourn his passing, loved ones say they have managed to find peace all these years later. Two convictions later, the family has decided that now is time move on and heal.

For Wright’s mother, Deborah Marion, that means reconnecting her grandchildren.

“The only thing they say, ‘I just want you to cook like you use to for my dad,’ who can’t do that? You see how many years I did do it? I’m ready to do it again,” Deborah Marion said.

Earlier this month, the University of Memphis announced that Wright’s basketball jersey would be retired this season for his contribution to the team and city of Memphis.

“Long as I’m living ain’t nobody go forget him,” Deborah Marion said.

No date has been formally set for when that ceremony will happen.